AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-19PKGBUILD & .SRCINFO changes.Andrew Bednoff
2021-11-18Small fix.Andrew Bednoff
2021-11-18Fix comments issue in `build()` block, which prevented successful package bui...Andrew Bednoff
2021-11-18Fix package name collision.Andrew Bednoff
2021-11-12Fixed issues with multiple definitions for ld linker to make compilation succ...Andrew Bednoff
2018-06-29updated to 1.4.23Xyne
2016-08-24update to 1.4.21 (security fix)Xyne
2016-07-17added additional architecturesXyne
2016-03-10Switched source URL from FTP to HTTPS.Xyne
2016-03-01updated to 1.4.20Xyne
2015-08-10Added commented options for preventing DNS leaks when working with TOR.Xyne
2015-06-21Initial import.Xyne