AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-12Update to latest versionGergely Imreh
2020-01-11Do proper submodule checkout and bump version.Gergely Imreh
2019-05-18Version based on nightlies, update dependencies, optionally precompile proofsGergely Imreh
2019-02-16Add missing clang dependencyGergely Imreh
2019-02-16Update to the latest git versionGergely Imreh
2019-02-15No need for submodule sync, as the code will do that elsewhereGergely Imreh
2019-02-15add missing makedepends: jqGergely Imreh
2019-02-15Initial release 0.0.1.r23.g271a6812Gergely Imreh