AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-09update to 1.21.0Stephen Gregoratto
2021-08-19Update to 1.8.1Stephen Gregoratto
2020-05-23sync PKGBUILD with go package guidelinesStephen Gregoratto
2020-03-30Update to latest versionStephen Gregoratto
2019-06-26update to 1.6.0Stephen Gregoratto
2019-05-05Update to 1.5.1Stephen Gregoratto
2019-01-25Update to 1.4.1Stephen Gregoratto
2019-01-24Update to 1.4.0Stephen Gregoratto
2019-01-14Update to version 1.3.0Stephen Gregoratto
2019-01-11Update to 1.2.0, fix PKGBUILD formatting.Stephen Gregoratto
2018-12-28Update to version 1.1.5Stephen Gregoratto
2018-12-26Update to 1.1.4.Stephen Gregoratto
2018-12-14Update to latest versionStephen Gregoratto
2018-12-07Update to 1.1.1Stephen Gregoratto
2018-11-30Update to new upstream releaseStephen Gregoratto
2018-11-18Initial commitStephen Gregoratto