AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-19update to v3.5Jeremy Hofer
2022-03-19update to 3.4.3Jeremy Hofer
2021-12-25update to 3.4.2Jeremy Hofer
2021-06-13upgrade to v3.3.2. switch to sha256sumsJeremy Hofer
2021-04-24Update to v3.3Jeremy Hofer
2020-09-27Update to 3.2.3Jeremy Hofer
2020-06-26Update to v3.2.2Jeremy Hofer
2020-03-15UPDATE to godot 3.2.1Jeremy Hofer
2020-03-06FIX permissions for templates directoryJeremy Hofer
2020-03-06ADD initial build for godot v3.2Jeremy Hofer