AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-22Update to 4.0.28740Sandy Carter
2019-03-02Add unionfs-fuse method to branch data changesMartin Dimitrov
2019-03-02Use /verysilent for installSandy Carter
2019-03-02Add .bin to gitignoreMartin Dimitrov
2019-03-02Update to 4.0.25024Martin Dimitrov
2018-01-20Fix paths of installed packagesSandy Carter
2018-01-20Fix path of setupSandy Carter
2018-01-03Update to 4.0.10665Sandy Carter
2016-12-28move dot files to local shareSandy Carter
2016-08-14Remove HD patch as defaultSandy Carter
2016-03-27Update HOMM3HD patch shaSandy Carter
2016-02-24Update HD patch shaSandy Carter
2016-02-13Update HD patch and executableSandy Carter
2016-01-03Update HD patch to 4.100 RC4Sandy Carter
2015-11-22Bump pkgversionSandy Carter
2015-11-22Save disk space of packaging processSandy Carter
2015-11-22Update lgogdownloader to >= 2.25Sandy Carter
2015-11-22Update HoMM3 HD update to 4.0Sandy Carter
2015-08-17Initial heroes-of-might-and-magic-3 packageSandy Carter