AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-04-14Restrict group write access to _only_ ini filesDan Beste
See PKGBUILD notes for details.
2018-04-14v1.3.6564.30139Dan Beste
+ "Fix" permissions / line terminators on ini files...
2017-07-16v2.2.0.3Dan Beste
2017-05-15PKGBUILD cleanupDan Beste
2017-04-24Remove unnecessary dependenciesDan Beste
2017-04-24PKGBUILD cleanupDan Beste
2017-02-01Add experimental Firejail profileDan Beste
2017-01-28Update dependenciesDan Beste
2017-01-28Something ate my URL...Dan Beste
2017-01-28Missed a pair of braces...Dan Beste
2017-01-28CleanupDan Beste
Clean PKGBUILD Refactor gog-owlboy script
2017-01-27InitDan Beste