AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-23UpdatesEugene Lamskoy
2022-04-23Misc updatesEugene Lamskoy
2021-12-19Sums fixedEugene Lamskoy
2021-12-19Sums brokenEugene Lamskoy
2021-12-19.gitignoreEugene Lamskoy
2021-12-18Proper build without any dependenciesEugene Lamskoy
2021-12-18Added forgotten dependencyEugene Lamskoy
2021-12-18Added forgotten dependencyEugene Lamskoy
2021-12-18New patches and new PKGBUILDEugene Lamskoy
2019-09-23Fixed widescreen issues in Golded. Will make pullrequest to upstream :)Eugene Lamskoy
2019-07-31Update to git versionEugene Lamskoy
2018-07-06Golded improved docs and cfgsEugene Lamskoy
2018-07-04Removed ncurses depEugene Lamskoy
2018-07-04Update to build with ncurses-nonwideEugene Lamskoy
2018-07-01Added more docs and samplesEugene Lamskoy
2018-07-01Simplified and fixed build partEugene Lamskoy
2018-06-01version changesEugene Lamskoy
2018-06-01CleanupEugene Lamskoy
2018-06-01Golded-plus-gitEugene Lamskoy