AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-05Push package versionMaximilian Ammann
2019-01-05Change libusb to libusb-compat because this is what golden-cheetah needsMaximilian Ammann
2018-07-01Update SRCINFOMax Ammann
2018-07-01Remove kqoauthMax Ammann
2017-07-04Update .SRCINFOMax Ammann
2017-07-03Update to v3.5.DEV1705X.r70.ac18d98aMax Ammann
2017-02-16Added qt5-charts dependencyMax Ammann
2016-12-05Updated to 3.4 (had to change the version description to include unannotated ...Max Ammann
2016-05-28Updated .SRCINFOMax Ammann
2016-05-28Updated to revison 93619967; added vlc dependency; fixed compilation with gcc6Max Ammann
2016-04-28Updated SRCINFOMax Ammann
2016-04-28Pushed package release versionMax Ammann
2016-04-28Added qt5-connectivity dependencyMax Ammann
2016-04-25Updated SRCINFOMax Ammann
2016-04-25Updated to latest revision; Removed udev rulesMax Ammann
2016-02-14Added qt5-script dependencyMax Ammann
2016-02-11Updated SRCINFOMax Ammann
2016-02-11Updated to v4.0Max Ammann
2015-12-24Updated versionMax Ammann
2015-12-24Fixed qwtplot3d library nameMax Ammann
2015-12-24Added optional dependenciesMax Ammann
2015-12-24Updated .SRCINFOMax Ammann
2015-12-24Added qt5-multimedia and gcconfig.priMax Ammann
2015-12-21Set arch to i686/x86_64Max Ammann
2015-12-21Initial importMax Ammann