AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-19Skip icon checksumAlec Mev
2024-02-17Electron 28Alec Mev
2024-02-17Trigger rebuildAlec Mev
2023-09-10Nativefier 52Alec Mev
2023-07-03Fix Electron versionAlec Mev
2022-12-26Nativefier 50Alec Mev
2022-07-30Nativefier 49, Electron 19Alec Mev
2022-04-18Nativefier 47, Electron 17Alec Mev
2021-08-02Nativefier 45, Electron 13Alec Mev
2021-06-30Nativefier 44.0.6, back to Electron 12Alec Mev
2021-06-25Nativefier 44.0.4Alec Mev
2021-05-28Nativefier 43.1.2Alec Mev
2021-04-26Nativefier 43.0.2Alec Mev
2021-04-01Link to user-agent issueAlec Mev
2021-04-01Nativefier 43, Firefox 87Alec Mev
2021-03-12Fix login not working with fake user agentakaessens
2021-02-22Add electron to dependsAlec Mev
2021-02-22Recommend mv instead of cp -r in post_upgradeAlec Mev
2021-02-22Shared runtime overhaulAlec Mev
2021-02-19Update pkgrel to update build and prevent warningpinkman
2020-04-24updated eletron versionpinkman
2020-02-01use electron v7.1.11 instead of 5.xpinkman
2020-02-01Fixed Google loginpinkman
2020-02-01updated for electron 5pinkman
2019-06-19Updated PKGBUILDpinkman
2019-06-19fixed regEx for internal Login-Linkspinkman
2019-06-19set icon path fixedpinkman
2019-06-19change icon name to pkgnamepinkman
2019-06-19update srcinfopinkman
2019-06-19externalize linkspinkman
2019-05-21Initial version based onpinkman