AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysbump version to match upstreamPascal Ronecker
2 daysfix PKGBUILDPascal Ronecker
2 daysnew distrib packaging, asar compiledPascal Ronecker
4 daysstrip down packagingPascal Ronecker
4 daysRefactor, Custom theme, Remove systray color changePascal Ronecker
2019-06-26Add force reload to context menu, helps me when CtrlK hangsPascal Ronecker
2019-06-26fix WS-2019-0063 : update js-yaml.js >=3.13.1Pascal Ronecker
2019-06-25fix menu label againPascal Ronecker
2019-06-250.2.2 fix systray click actionPascal Ronecker
2019-06-252.0.1 add hide instead of quitPascal Ronecker
2019-05-10update (working) version to electron beta-6 or some minor fixes in chrome enginePascal Ronecker
2019-05-09Add explicit middleclick event catcher, duplicate of left clickPascal Ronecker
2019-05-07back to working electron version 5.0.0-beta6Pascal Ronecker
2019-05-07fix electron version in PKGBUILDPascal Ronecker
2019-05-07fix version to same as upstream repoPascal Ronecker
2019-05-07bump electron to 5.0.1Pascal Ronecker
2019-04-16update release numberPascal Ronecker
2019-04-08new release to match upstream fixPascal Ronecker
2019-03-25add missing srcinfoPascal Ronecker
2019-03-25Toggle taskbar visibilityPascal Ronecker
2019-03-24Strip useless npm deps, add dedicated .desktopPascal Ronecker
2019-03-24release number after commiton main projectPascal Ronecker
2019-03-24release 2 to disctribute .sh filePascal Ronecker
2019-03-24Custom .sh launcher for install in /usr/sharePascal Ronecker
2019-03-23Electron beta included, source repo forked, fixes search issuePascal Ronecker
2019-03-15move to forked source repo since robyf closed the original onePascal Ronecker
2019-02-24remove limit electon version - has side effectsPascal Ronecker
2019-02-23limit electon version to <=3.1.3-1 for nowPascal Ronecker
2019-02-23limit electon version to <=3.1.3-1 for nowPascal Ronecker
2019-02-23limit electon version to <=3.1.3-1 for nowPascal Ronecker
2018-12-09change again desktop icon colorPascal Ronecker
2018-11-23copy an additional iconPascal Ronecker
2018-08-08add upstream note of no-maintainancePascal Ronecker
2018-06-29update .SRCINFO (was missing)Pascal Ronecker
2018-06-29trayicon merged upstreamPascal Ronecker
2018-06-21preview of tray actions, waiting for upstream pull requestPascal Ronecker
2018-06-20change non-notif icon color to more distinct from no new messagesPascal Ronecker
2018-06-18remove unseless electron dep at package time, improves greatly install experi...Pascal Ronecker
2018-06-18update package descriptionPascal Ronecker
2018-06-17initial PKGBUILDPascal Ronecker