AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-22update source to maintained forkhndrkk
2021-01-23Upgrade to version 4.3.2Pablo Arias
2020-10-12Upgrade to version 4.3.1Pablo Arias
2020-07-30Upgrade to version 4.2Pablo Arias
2020-05-01Upgrade to version 4.1Pablo Arias
2019-11-26Upgraded to version 4.0Pablo Arias
2019-06-02Upgraded to version 3.9Pablo Arias
2019-04-05Upgraded to version 3.8Pablo Arias
2018-10-12Updated to version v3.7.1Pablo Arias
2018-09-16Updated to v3.7Pablo Arias
2018-05-24mendPablo Arias
2018-05-24* Bumped to version 3.6Pablo Arias
2018-05-24PKGBUILD is not an executable anymorePablo Arias
2018-03-28Updated srcinfoPablo Arias
2018-03-25Fixed typo in emailPablo Arias
2018-03-25Reworked PKGBUILD to v3.5Pablo Arias
2017-10-023.4 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-10-023.4 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-08-173.3 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-07-063.2 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-04-273.1 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-03-123.0 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-01-12version bumpJohnathan Jenkins
2016-12-182.9 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2016-10-04update to 2.8Johnathan Jenkins
2016-08-282.7 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2016-07-06update to 2.6Johnathan Jenkins
2016-06-122.5.1 releaeJohnathan Jenkins
2016-06-122.5 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2016-05-22update to 2.4.1 fixes upstream issuesJohnathan Jenkins
2016-05-22update to 2.4Johnathan Jenkins
2016-03-302.3 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2016-03-122.2 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2016-02-01changes to upstream urlJohnathan Jenkins
2016-02-01fix conflictJohnathan Jenkins
2016-02-012.1 release of googlerJohnathan Jenkins