AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-20update to version 2.8.1Dario
2022-11-04update versionDario
2022-09-12update versionDario
2022-05-17update versionDario
2021-08-09introduce a check function for version mismatchDario
2021-08-06update to 2.7.8Dario
2021-08-06fix update to 2.7.8Dario
2021-08-06update to 2.7.8Dario
2021-05-28update to 2.7.6Dario
2020-12-15update md5sumetuneleh
2020-07-08update to 2.6.12Dario Klingenberg
2020-03-26update .SRCINFODario Klingenberg
2020-03-26update to current version (now distrbuted as AppImage)Dario Klingenberg
2017-02-07updated version with bug fixesAlex Kubica
2016-12-28Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Kubica
2016-12-28updated versionAlex Kubica
2016-12-28updated versionAlex Kubica
2016-10-09assume maintainer role and move to /optAlex Kubica
2016-10-06improve pkgbuild and add license fileAlex Kubica
2016-07-15Lack of superuser rights for creating the /usr/bin link failed the package in...smonff
2016-07-15Add a symlink in /usr/bin for conveniencesmonff
2016-07-14Fix the PKGREL numbersmonff
2016-07-14First version of the packagesmonff