AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-22updated package to 0.5.0Moritz Poldrack
2020-09-20updated package to 0.4.0Moritz Poldrack
2020-09-15updated package to 0.3.0Moritz Poldrack
2020-08-30updated package to 0.2.1Moritz Poldrack
2020-08-16added got-git as conflictMoritz Poldrack
2020-08-16updated package to 0.2.0Moritz Poldrack
2020-08-14added version information to binaryMoritz Poldrack
2020-08-13updated package to 0.1.5Moritz Poldrack
2020-08-12updated package to 0.1.3Moritz Poldrack
2020-08-11updated package to 0.1.2Moritz Poldrack
2020-08-10created package gotMoritz Poldrack