AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-29Upstream release v4.2.0Sean E. Russell
2022-07-15Upstream release v4.1.4Sean E. Russell
2022-02-14Merge branch 'master' of E. Russell
2022-02-14Upstream release v4.1.3Sean E. Russell
2021-07-21Upstream release v4.1.2Sean E. Russell
2021-02-04Upstream release v4.1.1Sean E. Russell
2021-01-25Doublepipe during SRCINFO update produced a malformed file.Sean E. Russell
2021-01-25Upstream release v4.1.0Sean E. Russell
2020-12-30update .srcinfoFabioLolix
2020-12-30v4.0.1, correct license (MIT), update contact infoFabioLolix
2020-06-08Update AUR packages to version "v4.0.0"Tap Updater
2020-06-08Update package to compile version into executable.Sean E. Russell
2020-05-31upgpkg: gotop-bin 3.5.3-1Sean E. Russell
2020-04-10v3.5.1, and switches back to sha256sum as recommendedSean E. Russell
2020-03-06Updated to v3.5.0Sean E. Russell
2020-02-27Version bump v3.3.2... reallySean E. Russell
2020-02-27Version bump v3.3.2Sean E. Russell
2019-10-15Remove git as a makedependCaleb Bassi
2019-02-25Fix ldflags and GOPATHCaleb Bassi
2019-02-22Fix makedependsCaleb Bassi
2019-02-22v3.0.0Caleb Bassi
2019-02-16v2.0.2Caleb Bassi
2019-02-07v2.0.1Caleb Bassi
2019-01-18Fix sha256sumCaleb Bassi
2019-01-18v2.0.0Caleb Bassi
2019-01-16Require go>=1.11.0Caleb Bassi
2019-01-16Add provides and conflicts entriesCaleb Bassi
2019-01-16Fix makedependsCaleb Bassi
2018-11-13update .SRCINFOFabioLolix
2018-11-13v1.5.0 - from sourceFabioLolix
2018-04-08Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-04-07Update pkgdescCaleb Bassi
2018-03-27Bumped versionCaleb Bassi
2018-03-10Updated descriptionCaleb Bassi
2018-03-09Bumped versionCaleb Bassi
2018-03-04Bumped versionCaleb Bassi
2018-03-04Bumped versionCaleb Bassi
2018-02-19Updated version, added 32bit support, changed download nameCaleb Bassi
2018-02-19Initial commitCaleb Bassi