AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-29Upstream release v4.2.0Sean E. Russell
2022-07-15Upstream release v4.1.4Sean E. Russell
2021-07-21Upstream release v4.1.2Sean E. Russell
2021-02-04Upstream release v4.1.1Sean E. Russell
2021-01-25Upstream release v4.1.0Sean E. Russell
2020-06-08Update AUR packages to version "v4.0.0"Tap Updater
2020-05-31upgpkg: gotop-bin 3.5.3-1Sean E. Russell
2020-04-10v3.5.1 & switch back to sha as recommendedSean E. Russell
2020-03-16Updated bad upstream tarballs, md5sum -> sha256Sean E. Russell
2020-03-06Forgot to fake update the SRCINFO again.Sean E. Russell
2020-03-06Still trying to work around the broken binary file name.Sean E. Russell
2020-03-06Trying to repair the install.Sean E. Russell
2020-03-06Had to *artificially* change the .SRCINFO to bypass the commit hookSean E. Russell
2020-03-06The binaries need to be renamed.Sean E. Russell
2020-03-06Update to v3.5.0Sean E. Russell
2020-02-27Version bump v3.3.2Sean E. Russell
2019-02-23Refactor pkgbuildCaleb Bassi
2019-02-22v3.0.0Caleb Bassi
2019-02-16v2.0.2Caleb Bassi
2019-02-07v2.0.1Caleb Bassi
2019-01-18v2.0.0Caleb Bassi
2018-12-16Add suggestions from @willemwCaleb Bassi
2018-12-13Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-12-13Add checksumCaleb Bassi
2018-12-12Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-12-01Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-11-17Fix license name: AGPLv3 to AGPL3Caleb Bassi
2018-11-15Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-09-18Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-08-23Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-07-17Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-05-23Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-05-23Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-05-21Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-05-13Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-04-21Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-04-19Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-04-12Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-04-10Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-04-10Decrement pkgrelCaleb Bassi
2018-04-10Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-04-10Bump pkgrel numberCaleb Bassi
2018-04-10Fix urlCaleb Bassi
2018-04-09Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-04-09Bump versionCaleb Bassi
2018-04-09Change pkg to include '-bin'Caleb Bassi