AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-13version 0.8.6vcalv
2024-01-290.8.5 versionvcalv
2023-12-11update to version 0.8.3vcalv
2023-08-22version 0.8.2 with better .so support from the boxvcalv
2023-03-29link against general libzip (no version)vcalv
2023-03-28fix lib version symlink and include man pagesvcalv
2023-03-28fixed missing adept_loan_mgt utilityvcalv
2023-03-04new conflictvcalv
2023-03-04fix zlib linking problem with patchelf and not sedvcalv
2023-03-03removed conflicts with package that no longer existsvcalv
2023-03-03.SRCINFO updatevcalv
2023-03-02version bump and fix zlib versioning problemvcalv
2022-10-14Version 0.8 and openssl dependencyvcalv
2022-02-02pkgrel bumpvcalv
2022-02-02conflicts with source packagevcalv
2022-02-02new packagevcalv