AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-02improve compiler optionsMark Wagie
2024-03-26regenerate pkgverMark Wagie
2024-03-24use Qt6Mark Wagie
2024-03-23drop obsolet opt depsMark Wagie
2024-01-20use SPDX license identifierMark Wagie
2023-05-15add missing depMark Wagie
2021-12-17add optional dependenciesMark Wagie
2021-12-02adjust dependenciesMark Wagie
2021-11-30libexec > libMark Wagie
2021-11-29re-enable testsMark Wagie
2021-11-28skip tests for nowMark Wagie
2021-11-28mesa-demos > mesa-utilsMark Wagie
2021-08-20adjust dependenciesMark Wagie
2020-11-22add missing checkdepends()Mark Wagie
2020-11-20default to Qt5Mark Wagie
2020-11-18Testing migration to QT5Mark Wagie
2020-11-14revert to master branchMark Wagie
2020-11-09Qt5 testMark Wagie
2020-11-02new optdependsMark Wagie
2020-09-10update dependenciesMark Wagie
2020-08-03utilize new build options properlyMark Wagie
2020-07-19revert previous commitMark Wagie
2020-07-13utilize new build optionsMark Wagie
2020-06-15use MakefileMark Wagie
2020-06-15use MakefileMark Wagie
2020-05-13add man pageMark Wagie
2020-05-04upstream changes, add checkMark Wagie
2020-05-04upstream changes, add checkMark Wagie
2020-04-27new iconsMark Wagie
2020-04-26add metainfo, update descMark Wagie
2020-04-07adjust optdependsMark Wagie
2020-04-05added vkbasalt to optdependsMark Wagie
2020-03-15added mesa-demos & vulkan-tools to optdependsMark Wagie
2020-03-13added iconMark Wagie
2020-03-11removed install fileMark Wagie
2020-03-10added install fileMark Wagie
2020-03-10remove generic Lazarus iconsMark Wagie
2020-03-10initial commitMark Wagie