AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
19 hoursUpdate to version 0.66.1AUR updater
2022-07-09Update to version 0.66.0AUR updater
2022-07-08Update to version 0.65.1AUR updater
2022-07-08Update to version 0.65.0AUR updater
2022-06-07Update to version 0.64.4AUR updater
2022-05-19Update to version 0.64.3AUR updater
2022-03-31Update to version 0.64.2AUR updater
2022-03-28Update to version 0.64.1AUR updater
2022-02-15Update to version 0.64.0AUR updater
2022-01-03Update to version 0.63.1AUR updater
2021-12-22Update to version 0.63.0AUR updater
2021-10-29Update to version 0.62.0AUR updater
2021-10-08Update to version 0.61.0AUR updater
2021-10-06Update to version 0.60.0AUR updater
2021-09-01Update to version 0.59.0AUR updater
2021-08-02Update to version 0.58.1AUR updater
2021-07-19Move JavaScript component to an extra packageIngo Meyer
2021-07-16Update to version 0.58.0AUR updater
2021-05-28Update to version 0.57.3AUR updater
2021-04-06Update to version 0.57.2AUR updater
2021-04-02Update to version 0.57.1AUR updater
2021-03-31Update to version 0.57.0AUR updater
2021-03-18Update to version 0.56.1AUR updater
2021-03-18Update to version 0.56.0AUR updater
2021-02-25Update to version 0.55.0AUR updater
2021-01-27Update to version 0.54.0AUR updater
2020-11-06Update to version 0.53.0AUR updater
2020-09-08Remove unnecessary check if `gr.js` existsIngo Meyer
2020-09-07Add `emscripten` to `makedepends` (no runtime dependency)Ingo Meyer
2020-09-03Update to version 0.52.0AUR updater
2020-08-13Build `gr.js` if emscripten is availableIngo Meyer
2020-08-13Remove unneeded patch fileIngo Meyer
2020-08-05Update references to `heimbach`Ingo Meyer
2020-08-04Update to version 0.51.2AUR updater
2020-07-21Update to version 0.51.1AUR updater
2020-07-15Update to version 0.51.0AUR updater
2020-07-15Prepare for the v0.51.0 releaseIngo Heimbach
2020-06-30Add a fix for Qt 5.15Ingo Heimbach
2020-05-29Update to version 0.50.0AUR updater
2020-04-30Update to version 0.49.0AUR updater
2020-03-13Update to version 0.48.0AUR updater
2020-03-04Fix the GR version number (was `unknown` after package build)Ingo Heimbach
2020-03-02Update to version 0.47.2AUR updater
2020-02-28Update to version 0.47.0Ingo Heimbach
2020-02-13Increase the package release variable to `3`Ingo Heimbach
2020-02-13Fix wrong sha256 hash sum for the included patch fileIngo Heimbach
2020-02-13Fix the installation of the `libGR3platform` libraryIngo Heimbach
2020-01-31Initial commit of a `gr-framework` stable packageIngo Heimbach