AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
8 daysMove JavaScript component to an extra packageIngo Meyer
This commit removes the JavaScript component from this package so users are not forced to have an Emscripten installation. The JavaScript version of GR can now be installed with `gr-framework-js`.
11 daysUpdate to version 0.58.0AUR updater
2021-05-28Update to version 0.57.3AUR updater
2021-04-06Update to version 0.57.2AUR updater
2021-04-02Update to version 0.57.1AUR updater
2021-03-31Update to version 0.57.0AUR updater
2021-03-18Update to version 0.56.1AUR updater
2021-03-18Update to version 0.56.0AUR updater
2021-02-25Update to version 0.55.0AUR updater
2021-01-27Update to version 0.54.0AUR updater
2020-11-06Update to version 0.53.0AUR updater
2020-09-08Remove unnecessary check if `gr.js` existsIngo Meyer
2020-09-07Add `emscripten` to `makedepends` (no runtime dependency)Ingo Meyer
2020-09-03Update to version 0.52.0AUR updater
2020-08-13Build `gr.js` if emscripten is availableIngo Meyer
2020-08-13Remove unneeded patch fileIngo Meyer
2020-08-05Update references to `heimbach`Ingo Meyer
2020-08-04Update to version 0.51.2AUR updater
2020-07-21Update to version 0.51.1AUR updater
2020-07-15Update to version 0.51.0AUR updater
2020-07-15Prepare for the v0.51.0 releaseIngo Heimbach
2020-06-30Add a fix for Qt 5.15Ingo Heimbach
2020-05-29Update to version 0.50.0AUR updater
2020-04-30Update to version 0.49.0AUR updater
2020-03-13Update to version 0.48.0AUR updater
2020-03-04Fix the GR version number (was `unknown` after package build)Ingo Heimbach
2020-03-02Update to version 0.47.2AUR updater
2020-02-28Update to version 0.47.0Ingo Heimbach
2020-02-13Increase the package release variable to `3`Ingo Heimbach
2020-02-13Fix wrong sha256 hash sum for the included patch fileIngo Heimbach
2020-02-13Fix the installation of the `libGR3platform` libraryIngo Heimbach
2020-01-31Initial commit of a `gr-framework` stable packageIngo Heimbach