AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysChanged maintainernomisge
2020-06-04Updated to newest upstream version and set mime-types correctly to be able to...nomisge
2019-08-30Exclude javafx and jdk from packagechetgurevitch
2019-08-21Add compatibility with openjfx from extrachetgurevitch
2019-08-20Update to version 3.6.0chetgurevitch
2019-01-25update to version 3.5.3chetgurevitch
2018-11-13update to version 3.5.2chetgurevitch
2018-09-27update to version 3.5.1chetgurevitch
2018-09-08update to version 3.5.0chetgurevitch
2018-03-04Fix documentation viewchetgurevitch
2017-06-06Revert unnecessary architecture restrictionchet
2017-06-06Remove unnecessary dependencychet
2017-06-06Correct many minor packaging issueschet
2017-05-11Switch URLs to httpschet
2017-05-11Skip unnecessary source file extractionchet
2017-05-11Revise contributor info and remove an unnecessary source filechet
2017-05-05Update to 3.1.0 and rewrite PKGBUILDChet Gurevitch
2016-06-02added .SRCINFO to the update to version 3.0.3Fabio Heday
2016-06-02updated to version 3.0.3Fabio Heday
2016-03-24fixed a bug where Greenfoot wouldn't open class documentation, such as World ...Fabio Heday
2016-02-06Update to 3.0.2-1seishinryohosha
2015-11-27Update to 3.0.1-1seishinryohosha
2015-10-29Update to 3.0.0-1seishinryohosha
2015-06-13Initial importseishinryohosha