AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-15Revert "Set arch to any"Kenny Levinsen
2021-03-15Set arch to anyKenny Levinsen
2020-12-23bump for 0.7.0Kenny Levinsen
2020-05-01verify integrity of greetd.pamEric Engestrom
2020-05-01deduplicate and simplify man page generation and installationEric Engestrom
2020-05-01change version scheme to be based on releasesEric Engestrom
2020-04-04Add git to makedependsKenny Levinsen
2020-04-02Add greetd.pam, minor cleanupKenny Levinsen
2020-04-01Avoid recompiling to run 0 testsKenny Levinsen
2020-04-01Update license, avoid leaking srcdirKenny Levinsen
2020-03-28Set greeter shell to /bin/bashKenny Levinsen
2020-03-18Update .SRCINFOKenny Levinsen
2020-03-18Add manpages, config backup, sysuserKenny Levinsen
2020-02-15greeter.pam was dropped as it is now unnecessaryEric Engestrom
2020-02-01initial commit - r140.928171e0b0Eric Engestrom