AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-20Upstream update 0.10.15Sparticuz
2018-04-20Let the user decide when to restart the servicesSparticuz
2017-10-05Upstream update 0.10.14, upstream now includes systemd serviceSparticuz
2017-09-19Bring Arch package inline with Debian makefile, upgrade to 0.10.13, add missi...Sparticuz
2017-09-19Add test-config to pre, expand -D to --daemonSparticuz
2017-06-210.10.8 ReleaseSparticuz
2017-06-21Require mysqlSparticuz
2017-04-10upstream update to 0.10.6Kyle McNally
2017-03-15forgot to update .srcinfoKyle McNally
2017-03-15upstream update to 0.10.5Kyle McNally
2017-02-23Update to 0.10.2Kyle McNally
2017-02-09readd samba4.4 line that got accidentally removedKyle McNally
2017-02-09upstream update to 0.10.0Kyle McNally
2016-04-21upstream update to 0.9.67Kyle McNally
2016-04-05upstream updateKyle McNally
2016-03-29Add to AUR4 and upstream updateKyle McNally