AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-14Update to 2.06.Maxim Fomin
2019-07-09Update to version 2.04Maksim Fomin
2019-05-19Fix ungzipped unicode font file issueMaksim Fomin
2019-05-19Fix: ungzip fileMaksim Fomin
2018-10-16http -> httpsMaksim Fomin
2018-08-25Add xfs and relocation patchMaksim Fomin
2018-08-14Update pkgrelMaksim Fomin
2018-08-14Update checksum for '0006-Crypto...' patchMaksim Fomin
2018-06-13Fix the build by syncing with the latest GRUB Arch official PKGBUILD (#2)joanbm
2018-03-18update the pkgrelWael M. Nasreddine
2018-03-18Update the shasum of the patchesWael M. Nasreddine
2018-03-18it should conflict/replace/provide grub packageWael M. Nasreddine
2017-12-21add support for using a whole device as a keyfileWael M. Nasreddine
2017-12-21remove files coming from remoteWael M. Nasreddine
2017-12-21first commitWael M. Nasreddine