AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-17Version 1.3.7Josef Vybíhal
2020-06-05Switched branch back to masterJosef Vybíhal
2020-06-04Temporary switch to fno-common branch to fix compile problem on GCC 10Josef Vybíhal
2020-03-28update pkg 1.3.4.r14.ga50db88Josef Vybíhal
2019-09-20r3.g5b8d5bbJosef Vybíhal
2019-09-09added credits for GTK3 versionJosef Vybíhal
2019-09-09Changes for -git build from master branchJosef Vybíhal
2019-07-30Replaced hardcoded version string in source url with pkgver variableJosef Vybíhal
2019-04-30Drop libgnomeui dependencyJosef Vybíhal
2019-04-26Few more dependenciesJosef Vybíhal
2019-04-26Updated to GTK3 version by Dallen WilsonJosef Vybíhal
2017-03-12Fix depends opensshJosef Vybíhal
2017-03-12Added openssh dependencyJosef Vybíhal
2017-02-23Change pkgrel from 2 to 3Josef Vybíhal
2017-02-23Maintainer changeJosef Vybíhal
2015-08-18Initial submission to new AUR.Jeff Henson