AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-09fix build and bunch of other stuffSolomon Choina
2024-02-24updatesSolomon Choina
2023-08-06fix building by doing a lot of stuffSolomon Choina
2023-01-29commit the suggestions from @kode54Solomon Choina
2022-12-18updpkgverSolomon Choina
2022-10-30Split Monorepo package with a lot of changesSolomon Choina
2021-10-09gstreamer was moved to a subdirectory called subprojects which messed up stuffSolomon Choina
2021-07-01using gitlabSolomon Choina
2021-07-01update the pkgverSolomon Choina
2020-10-01update pkgverSolomon Choina
2020-10-01update pkgverSolomon Choina
2019-11-06update to meson and doing some changesSolomon Choina
2019-07-24doing dependency updates after a chroot checkyourname
2017-06-21update srcinfoLubosz Sarnecki
2017-06-21update versionLubosz Sarnecki
2015-06-23update SRCINFOLubosz Sarnecki
2015-06-23update to version Sarnecki
2015-06-22Initial importLubosz Sarnecki