AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-13Update dependencies and version bumpOlivier Mehani
2015-10-19Commit bumpOlivier Mehani
2015-10-03Update SRCINFOOlivier Mehani
2015-09-25Add dependency on python-xdgOlivier Mehani
2015-08-18Bump to r5170.a795d66Olivier Mehani
2015-07-04Revision bumpOlivier Mehani
2015-06-08[gtg-git] Advanc commitOlivier Mehani
2015-05-14[gtg] Bump to revision which doesn't hang on editOlivier Mehani
2015-03-30[gtg-git] Bump to r5132.f5f8390Olivier Mehani
2015-03-18[gtg-git] Commit bumpOlivier Mehani
2015-03-07[gtg-git] Git, not BazaarOlivier Mehani
2015-01-12[gtg-git] (Apparently) fix optdepends display issue in AUROlivier Mehani
2014-12-03fixup! [gtg-git] Remove patchesOlivier Mehani
2014-12-02[gtg-git] Remove patchesOlivier Mehani
2014-11-25Remove SVN keywordsOlivier Mehani
2014-10-24[gtg-git] Update patches.shtrom
2014-06-18[gtg-git] Patch in the right place...shtrom
2014-06-18[gtg-git] Cleaner patches to fix Hamster integration.shtrom
2014-06-17[gtg-git] Dirty fix for the Hamster plugin so the preferences are the way I wantshtrom
2014-04-04[gtg-git] Use new PKGBUILD git+ sourceshtrom
2014-04-03[gtg-git] Building from git.shtrom
2014-04-03[gtg-git] import gtg-bzr sourceshtrom