AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-13Update package url to gitlab.collabora.comMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-05-13Remove temp patch for python shebangMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-05-12locally patch shebang to python2 temporarilyMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-05-12Remove unused patchMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-05-12Change arch to 'any' as there's nothing arch specificMaxime “pep” Buquet
2018-08-03Remove useless prepare functionMaxime “pep” Buquet
2018-07-04Rename package; remove patchMaxime “pep” Buquet
2017-10-23Change upstreamMaxime “pep” Buquet
2017-05-31Fix tabs. Nothing importantMaxime “pep” Buquet
2017-01-25Change package url for the git version as it is way fasterMaxime “pep” Buquet
2017-01-25Add depsMaxime “pep” Buquet
2017-01-25Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// “pep” Buquet
2017-01-25Add libsoup as dependencyMaxime “pep” Buquet
2017-01-25Add libsoup as dependencyMaxime “pep” Buquet
2017-01-03Initial commitMaxime “pep” Buquet