AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-09update provides/conflictsxiota
2022-08-05Update .SRCINFOSyboxez Blank
2022-08-05PKGBUILD: Add gi-docgen and python-docutils to makedepends. Add pango and gtk...Syboxez Blank
2021-03-23Adding gtk4 to provides arrayandrewSC
2021-03-21updating dependencies, splitting package to better interop. with extra/gtk4, ...andrewSC
2020-11-09moving wayland to makedeps, config wayland backend to be builtandrewSC
2018-09-10Updating build and makedeps, adjusted icon-cache binaryAndrew Crerar
2018-07-27gtk4-git: Updating to new srcAndrew Crerar
2018-05-18PKGBUILD: Removing wayland-git for waylandAndrew Crerar
2018-04-28Updating deps, meson build optionsAndrew Crerar
2018-03-26Bumping glib2-git ver requirementAndrew Crerar
2018-03-26Adding gstreamer-player for new media build flagAndrew Crerar
2018-01-04Updating pango-git version requirementAndrew Crerar
2017-12-04Adding vulkan supportAndrew Crerar
2017-11-21Updating url to use httpsAndrew Crerar
2017-11-17Removing i686 supportAndrew Crerar
2017-11-15Remove duplicate depsAndrew Crerar
2017-11-14Adding dependencies for print backendsAndrew Crerar
2017-11-04Fixing lib install dir, cleaning up formattingAndrew Crerar
2017-11-01Bumping glib2 and epoxy version requirementsAndrew Crerar
2017-09-06Removing unnecessary dependencies, moving deps to optdepsandrewSC
2017-08-28Changing gtk+ source to use httpsandrewSC
2017-08-22Updating PKGBUILD to use Meson and Ninja. Removing package splitsandrewSC
2017-08-04Bumping required wayland-protocols versionandrewSC
2017-07-27Updating glib2-git version dependencyandrewSC
2017-06-09PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-06-02PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-05-30PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-05-19PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-05-12PKGBUILD: Bump glib2-git version requirementandrewSC
2017-04-28PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-04-14PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-04-10.SRCINFO: Updating to reflect PKGBUILD updatesandrewSC
2017-04-10PKGBUILD: Removing graphene-git dependency in favor of official graphene pkg,...andrewSC
2017-03-31PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-03-24PKGBUILD: Bump glib2-git requirements, version bumpandrewSC
2017-03-17PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-03-13PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-03-08PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-02-24PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-02-08PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-02-01PKGBUILD: Disabling gtk documentation generation due to bugandrewSC
2017-01-20PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2017-01-03PKGBUILD: version bumpandrewSC
2016-12-16PKGBUILD: Version bumpandrewSC
2016-12-12PKGBUILD: Removing gtk3 as conflictandrewSC
2016-12-09PKGBUILD: Bumping glib2 version, fixing syntax error for conflictsandrewSC
2016-12-02PKGBUILD: Cleaning up formatting, bumping verandrewSC