AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-13adding variable testSam Burgos
2020-07-21edited new requirements and changed Nautilus desktop fileSam Burgos
2020-07-13updated to version 1.4Sam Burgos
2020-07-10updated to version 1.3, rewritten PKGBUILD to add some additional changes and...Sam Burgos
2019-02-09[upd] 1.1.1→1.2Carsten Teibes
2017-12-07[upd] 1.1→1.1.1Carsten Teibes
2017-03-19[upd] 1.0→1.1Carsten Teibes
2017-01-05[upd] 0.7.0→1.0Carsten Teibes
2014-06-13[fix] Make proper split package, remove AUR hacksCarsten Teibes
2014-01-08CleanupCarsten Teibes
2013-12-05[fix] Enable pluginsCarsten Teibes
2013-12-03[add] gtkhash 0.7.0Carsten Teibes