AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-05updating version in order to sync recent changesSam Burgos
2023-06-02removing mbedtls of compiling options due to not having mbedtls package avail...Sam Burgos
2023-06-02added libgcrypt dependency, taking Manjaro as sampleSam Burgos
2023-06-02removed dependency of mbedtls, taking Manjaro sample as building optionSam Burgos
2023-06-01changed dependency of mbedtls to mbedtls2, this due to upstream changesSam Burgos
2022-12-30adding missing meson and appstream-glib dependenciesSantiago Burgos
2022-12-29updated to version 1.5 and migrated to mesonSantiago Burgos
2021-12-31correction on the provides section of PKGBUILDSam Burgos
2021-12-29added new gtkhash-thunar package to separate from standalone application and ...Sam Burgos