AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-15Reverted to using internal Waf due to
2023-09-17updated provides arrayGimmeapill
2023-09-16added .so names plus other dependency updatesGimmeapill
2023-09-16Revert "Update to 1.0.0"Gimmeapill
2023-09-16Update to 1.0.0Gimmeapill
2023-02-25updated repository from sourceforge to githubGimmeapill
2022-02-13dependency update + build fix for issue #104Gimmeapill
2021-05-06added pkgconfig build dep.Gimmeapill
2020-05-20updated to gtk3Gimmeapill
2020-01-26dependencies and build flags updatesGimmeapill
2020-01-26rebased on the official packageGimmeapill
2018-01-25more build flags tweakingGimmeapill
2018-01-23updated build flags following upstream changes, removed legacy ladspaGimmeapill
2017-07-24build with external zita-convolver & zita-resamplerGimmeapill
2017-07-24small deps changeGimmeapill
2017-07-24switch temporarily to internal convolver to fix an issue possibly related to ...Gimmeapill
2017-07-10removed deprecated --no-webkit build optionGimmeapill
2017-07-02disabled webkit temporarily to fix
2017-02-09added https to source urlGimmeapill
2017-01-29pkgbuild cleanupGimmeapill
2017-01-29pkgbuild cleanupGimmeapill
2017-01-24removed redundant .INSTALL file. a few more tweaksGimmeapill
2016-09-07Added gtk-engines/clearlooks dependencyGimmeapill
2016-05-11removed dependency on ttf-robot which is includedGimmeapill
2016-02-05added ttf-roboto dep.Gimmeapill
2016-01-03Initial importGimmeapill
2015-11-02added webkitgtk2 to dependenciessekret
2015-06-09initial AUR4 importsekret