AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-24Remove ChangeLogEmil Lundberg
2018-04-24Update to version 0.2.0Emil Lundberg
2017-08-17Upgrade to release 0.1.16Emil Lundberg
2017-08-12Upgrade to release 0.1.14Emil Lundberg
2017-08-12Upgrade to release 0.1.13Emil Lundberg
2017-07-02Upgrade to release 0.1.11Emil Lundberg
2017-07-02Add gitignoreEmil Lundberg
2017-07-02Upgrade to release 0.1.10Emil Lundberg
2015-07-20Update to version 0.1.8Fabien Dubosson
2015-05-29Move 'gws' into separate repo for AUR4Fabien Dubosson