AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysAdd openxr headers to makedepends.Lubosz Sarnecki
5 daysUse arch-meson, build out of tree, set buildtype to release.Lubosz Sarnecki
5 daysdon't build debug and strip.Lubosz Sarnecki
5 daysadd monado-git to optdepends.Lubosz Sarnecki
5 daysUpdate to 0.13.99, add OpenXR dependency, make namcap happy.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-11-21Update to 0.13.2.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-09-19Update to 0.13.0.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-08-14Add vulkan-headers to makedepends.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-07-30Initial commitLubosz Sarnecki