AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-08update sums with updpkgsumsHLFH
2022-12-08added options=(!lto)HLFH
2022-12-08add openssl dep, add b2sums, remove msg2, disable crappy libresslHLFH
2021-12-08h2o2.2 packageHLFH
2021-12-08disable mruby, update package, add depsHLFH
2020-04-16h2o to 2.2.6Gaspard d'Hautefeuille
2018-06-09update pkgver to 2.2.5Andy Weidenbaum
2017-12-19update pkgver to 2.2.4Andy Weidenbaum
2017-10-27update pkgver to 2.2.3Andy Weidenbaum
2017-04-23update pkgver to 2.2.2Andy Weidenbaum
2017-04-05update pkgver to 2.2.0Andy Weidenbaum
2017-01-23increment pkgrel to 2; libdir, thx The_DecryptorAndy Weidenbaum
2017-01-17update pkgver to 2.1.0Andy Weidenbaum
2017-01-05update pkgver to 2.0.6Andy Weidenbaum
2016-12-21update pkgver to 2.0.5Andy Weidenbaum
2016-09-14update pkgver to 2.0.4Andy Weidenbaum
2016-09-09sha256Andy Weidenbaum
2016-09-09update pkgver to 2.0.3Andy Weidenbaum
2016-08-02update pkgver to 2.0.2Andy Weidenbaum
2016-06-24update pkgver to 2.0.1, -DWITH_MRUBY, makedepends+=rubyAndy Weidenbaum
2016-06-01update pkgver to 2.0.0Andy Weidenbaum
2016-05-25update pkgver to 1.7.3Andy Weidenbaum
2016-05-09update pkgver to 1.7.2Andy Weidenbaum
2016-03-10update pkgver to 1.7.1Andy Weidenbaum
2016-02-05update pkgver to 1.7.0Andy Weidenbaum
2016-01-26update pkgver to 1.6.3Andy Weidenbaum
2016-01-13update pkgver to 1.6.2Andy Weidenbaum
2015-12-18update pkgver to 1.6.1Andy Weidenbaum
2015-12-04update pkgver to 1.6.0Andy Weidenbaum
2015-11-12update pkgver to 1.5.4Andy Weidenbaum
2015-11-07update pkgver to 1.5.3Andy Weidenbaum
2015-10-20update pkgver to 1.5.2Andy Weidenbaum
2015-09-30update pkgver to 1.5.0Andy Weidenbaum
2015-09-26increment pkgrel to 2; s/network/network-online thx HLFHAndy Weidenbaum
2015-09-23update pkgver to 1.5.0-beta4Andy Weidenbaum
2015-09-21update pkgver to 1.5.0-beta3Andy Weidenbaum
2015-09-16makedepends-=autotoolsAndy Weidenbaum
2015-09-16update pkgver to 1.5.0.beta2, depsAndy Weidenbaum
2015-08-23updated h2o.service, credit: HLHF and @tatsushidAndy Weidenbaum
2015-08-18update pkgver to 1.4.4Andy Weidenbaum
2015-08-17update pkgver to 1.4.3Andy Weidenbaum
2015-08-14pkgrel 2: build with libresslAndy Weidenbaum
2015-07-28update pkgver to 1.4.2Andy Weidenbaum
2015-07-22update pkgver to 1.4.1Andy Weidenbaum
2015-06-23update pkgver to 1.3.1Andy Weidenbaum
2015-06-18update pkgver to 1.3.0Andy Weidenbaum
2015-06-09Initial importAndy Weidenbaum