AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-03Update to hab 1.6.139-1Ryan Cragun
2020-08-10Update to hab 1.6.115-1Ryan Cragun
2020-06-22Update to hab 1.6.56-1Ryan Cragun
2020-05-28Update to hab 1.6.39-1Ryan Cragun
2020-05-06Update to hab 1.6.0-1Ryan Cragun
2020-04-09Update to hab 1.5.86-1Ryan Cragun
2020-03-23Update to hab 1.5.71-1Ryan Cragun
2020-03-05Update to hab 1.5.50-1Ryan Cragun
2020-02-13Update to hab 1.5.29-1Ryan Cragun
2020-01-29Update to hab 1.5.0-1Ryan Cragun
2019-11-14add license info to update.goRyan Cragun
2019-11-14Add PKGBUILD update programRyan Cragun
2019-11-14Update to hab 0.90.6-1Ryan Cragun
2019-10-18Update to hab 0.88.0-1Ryan Cragun
2019-09-17Update to hab 0.85.0-1Ryan Cragun
2019-07-31Update to hab 0.83.0-1Ryan Cragun
2019-06-10Update to hab 0.82.0-1Ryan Cragun
2019-05-29Update to hab 0.81.0-1Ryan Cragun
2019-03-13Update to hab 0.78.0-1Ryan Cragun
2019-03-04Update to hab 0.77.0-1Ryan Cragun
2019-02-28Update to hab 0.76.0-1Ryan Cragun
2019-02-20Update to hab 0.74.0-1Ryan Cragun
2018-09-14Update version: 0.62.1 → 0.63.0Trevor Bramble
2018-09-14Update version: 0.62.0 → 0.62.1Trevor Bramble
2018-09-14Update version: 0.61.0 → 0.62.0Trevor Bramble
2018-08-20Update version: 0.59.0 → 0.61.0Trevor Bramble
2018-07-25Update version: 0.58.0 → 0.59.0Trevor Bramble
2018-07-25Update version: 0.57.0 → 0.58.0Trevor Bramble
2018-06-19Update version: 0.56.0 → 0.57.0Trevor Bramble
2018-05-31Update version: 0.55.0 → 0.56.0Trevor Bramble
2018-03-29Update version: 0.54.0 → 0.55.0Trevor Bramble
2018-02-21Update version: 0.53.0 → 0.54.0Trevor Bramble
2018-02-05Update version: 0.52.0 → 0.53.0Trevor Bramble
2018-01-19Update version: 0.51.0 → 0.52.0Trevor Bramble
2017-12-29Update forgotten sha256sums()Trevor Bramble
2017-12-28Update version: 0.50.3 → 0.51.0Trevor Bramble
2017-12-01Update version: 0.50.2 \342 0.50.3Trevor Bramble
2017-12-01Update version: 0.38.0 → 0.50.2Trevor Bramble
2017-10-27Update version: 0.37.0 → 0.38.0Trevor Bramble
2017-10-27Update version: 0.36.0 → 0.37.0Trevor Bramble
2017-10-18Update version: 0.36.0 → 0.37.0Trevor Bramble
2017-10-09Update version: 0.34.1 → 0.36.0Trevor Bramble
2017-10-02Update version: 0.33.2 → 0.34.1Trevor Bramble
2017-09-25Update version: 0.33.0 → 0.33.2Trevor Bramble
2017-09-22Update version: 0.32.0 → 0.33.0Trevor Bramble
2017-09-19Update version: 0.31.0 → 0.32.0Trevor Bramble
2017-09-07Update version: 0.30.2 → 0.31.0Trevor Bramble
2017-08-22Update version: 0.30.1 → 0.30.2Trevor Bramble
2017-08-21Update version: 0.29.1 → 0.30.1Trevor Bramble
2017-08-10Update version: 0.28.0 → 0.29.1Trevor Bramble