AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-10Bump, because sources were still 0.6.2. Force rebuildNils Czernia
2022-03-07Updated to 0.6.3Nils Czernia
2021-12-23Fixed pkgrelNils Czernia
2020-12-11Updated to 6.0.2Nils Czernia
2020-12-06Updated to 0.6.1Nils Czernia
2020-11-25Updated conflicts sectionNils Czernia
2020-11-25Updated to 0.6.0. Finished renaming to hamsketNils Czernia
2019-12-09Fixed PKGBUILDNils Czernia
2019-12-08Reformat PKGBUILDNils Czernia
2019-10-23Updated to 0.5.20Nils Czernia
2019-09-20Updated to 0.5.19Nils Czernia
2019-08-07Fixed download linkNils Czernia
2019-07-27Renamed to hamsketNils Czernia
2019-05-21fix chrome-sandbox permission issue (now really)Bjoern Franke
2019-05-20fix chrome-sandbox permission issueBjoern Franke
2019-03-04moved from appveyor to githubBjoern Franke
2019-01-31skip version check due to automated buildBjoern Franke
2019-01-31bumpBjoern Franke
2019-01-24new build (now with new checksum)Bjoern Franke
2019-01-24new buildBjoern Franke
2019-01-180.5.18 was rebuildBjoern Franke
2019-01-18Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Franke
2019-01-18fix desktop fileBjoern Franke
2018-12-21fix desktop fileBjoern Franke
2018-12-20add symlink to /usr/binBjoern Franke
2018-12-13fix checksumsBjoern Franke
2018-12-13Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Franke
2018-12-13some fixesBjoern Franke
2018-12-13some fixesBjoern Franke
2018-12-13initial releaseBjoern Franke