AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-12Update to latest commitHolger Obermaier
2024-02-08Update to latest commitHolger Obermaier
2024-01-14Update to latest commitHolger Obermaier
2023-12-18Update to svt-av1 1.8.0Holger Obermaier
2023-12-15Update to latest commitHolger Obermaier
2023-11-21Update to latest commitHolger Obermaier
2023-11-16Upgrade to handbrake 1.7.0Holger Obermaier
2023-08-30Update to svt-av1 1.7.0Holger Obermaier
2023-08-10Avoid problems with git cherry picking for when no commit email is configuredHolger Obermaier
2023-08-10Package upgradeHolger Obermaier
2023-06-25Update to svt-av1 1.6.0Holger Obermaier
2023-06-08Version upgradeHolger Obermaier
2023-05-28Package upgradeHolger Obermaier
2023-04-30Version upgradeHolger Obermaier
2023-04-26version upgradeHolger Obermaier
2023-04-16Update to latest commitHolger Obermaier
2023-03-11Version updateHolger Obermaier
2023-03-02Rebuild for libvpx upgradeHolger Obermaier
2023-02-24Fix vulkan header version to avoid build errorsHolger Obermaier
2023-02-15Version updateHolger Obermaier
2023-01-29Version update. Added missing vulkan-header build dependencyHolger Obermaier
2023-01-24Version upgradeHolger Obermaier
2023-01-22Updated dependenciesHolger Obermaier
2023-01-22Add automake and autoconf to makedependsHolger Obermaier
2023-01-22Version upgrade.Holger Obermaier
2023-01-19Version upgrade. Rebuild for LLVM 15Holger Obermaier
2023-01-17Version updateHolger Obermaier
2023-01-08Add build packages to ignore listHolger Obermaier
2023-01-08Added git ignore configHolger Obermaier
2023-01-06Version update. Shell scipt cleanup.Holger Obermaier
2023-01-05Follow handbrakes most current stable branch 1.6.xHolger Obermaier
2023-01-05Switch over to stable branch 1.6.xHolger Obermaier
2023-01-05Build fixed commit / version from git repoHolger Obermaier
2023-01-05Version update. PKGBUILD shellcheckerHolger Obermaier
2023-01-05Initial release of handbreake optimized with LLVMHolger Obermaier