AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-09Add confictsPoscat
2020-06-09Drop GHC 8.8.2 supportPoscat
2020-02-29enable ghc 8.8.2 by defaultPoscat
2020-02-07Remove unneeded dependenciesPoscat
2019-10-23Fix PKGBUILD install()Poscat
2019-10-23Update PKGBUILDPoscat
2018-08-10Update SRCINFOReed Mullanix
2018-08-10Update PKBUILD to mirror the makefileReed Mullanix
2017-12-12Fixed the package descriptionDamien Flament
2017-12-12Added cabal-install build dependencyDamien Flament
2017-12-10Clean messDamien Flament
2017-12-08Added the revisions count to the version numberDamien Flament
2017-12-08Made the version number generated from the last abbreviated commitDamien Flament
2017-12-08Initial commitDamien Flament