AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-17Switch main package to the version in CommunityTristan Webb
2015-08-14Merged borsboom PR minus test hunkTristan Webb
2015-08-13Update verinfo, don't run integration testsTristan Webb
2015-08-13Bump for Webb
2015-07-24Remove forced reinstallTristan Webb
2015-07-18Set Stack root, no system ghcTristan Webb
2015-07-18Install GHC with SetupTristan Webb
2015-07-18Trying nightly resolverTristan Webb
2015-07-18resolver fixTristan Webb
2015-07-18stack buildingTristan Webb
2015-06-14Removing the stack constraint in cabal.configTristan Webb
2015-06-09Added cpphs to cabal sandboxTristan Webb
2015-06-09fix repo locationTristan Webb
2015-06-09Initial importTristan Webb