AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-03Modify .tar.gz sourceKevin Morris
2020-10-24Bump to version 1.4.0Kevin Morris
2020-10-21Bump to release 1.3Kevin Morris
2020-10-19Bump to version 1.2.0Kevin Morris
2020-10-19Bump pkgrelKevin Morris
2020-10-19Remove old script/LICENSE from aur rootKevin Morris
2020-10-19Bump PKGBUILD to release version 1.1.0Kevin Morris
2018-04-12update PKGBUILD for correct urlKevin Morris
2018-03-06update hastebin to stop using git revs... this isn't a git packageKevin Morris
2017-07-26Modify pkgver methodKevin Morris
2017-07-26Update hastebin with upstreamKevin Morris
2017-07-26Updated PKGBUILD with an upstream urKevin Morris
2017-07-17Update .SRCINFOKevin Morris
2017-07-17Update PKGBUILDKevin Morris
2017-07-17Initial commitKevin Morris