AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-17update to 1.8.0Eric Engestrom
2023-03-01split prepare() from build() to avoid downloading things in build()Eric Engestrom
2023-02-13drop upstreamed fixEric Engestrom
2023-02-13update to 1.7.2Eric Engestrom
2023-01-09add depends for glfw, which hdrview apparently rebuildsEric Engestrom
2023-01-09add note to drop a fix in the next updateEric Engestrom
2023-01-07update with some of dreieck's suggestionsEric Engestrom
2023-01-05add missing `git` makedependsEric Engestrom
2023-01-05initial commit - v1.7.1Eric Engestrom