AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-07Hash changedOliver Papst
2022-10-31Update to v22.11Oliver Papst
2022-05-18Update to v22.4Oliver Papst
2022-02-06Update to v22.1Oliver Papst
2021-12-10Fix sha256sumOliver Papst
2021-04-30Update to v21.4Oliver Papst
2020-12-11Update to v20.12Oliver Papst
2020-12-02New upstream, updated dependencies, new version v20.11Oliver Papst
2019-05-17mfile is broken on AUR, switch back to libmfileOliver Papst
2018-04-06Version v18.04 released; mfile dependencyOliver Papst
2018-03-07Added license file, glibc dependencyOliver Papst
2018-02-17Version v18.01Oliver Papst
2017-12-20Version v17.12 releasedOliver Papst