AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-25Fix compilation with GCC >= 9.x; fix VST binary install dirChristopher Arndt
2018-07-17Updated .SRCINFOChristopher Arndt
2018-07-17Remove 'prepare' function and extra CXXFLAGS; updated dependenciesChristopher Arndt
2017-07-11Fixed two build issuesChristopher Arndt
2016-07-23Fix compilation; use steinberg-vst36 AUR packageChristopher Arndt
2015-11-22Add missing freetype2 dependencyChristopher Arndt
2015-07-12Include VST3 SDK in sources; add changelogChristopher Arndt
2015-07-12Initial import of helm-git packageChristopher Arndt