AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysfix: remoteKubeconfig handlingChris Werner Rau
11 daysfix: sourceResource handlingChris Werner Rau
13 daysfix: getting source from kubernetes clusterChris Werner Rau
2024-02-12fix: dropped variable due to subshell usageChris Werner Rau
2023-12-13fix: removal of cloned git repoChris Werner Rau
2023-12-13fix: variable usage (again)Chris Werner Rau
2023-12-13fix: variable usageChris Werner Rau
2023-12-07feat: better handling of offline situationsChris Werner Rau
2023-12-07feat: use `--dry-run=server` for `template`Chris Werner Rau
2023-09-08fix: add missing zsh dependencyChris Werner Rau
2023-09-07fix: remove unnecessary sourceTypeChris Werner Rau
2023-09-07feat: allow for debuggingChris Werner Rau
2023-09-07feat: add support for oci sourcesChris Werner Rau
2023-09-07feat!: convert to scripts to be able to use this in normal scriptsChris Werner Rau
2023-09-01Version BumpChris Werner Rau
2023-05-10feat: add support for oci registriesChris Werner Rau
2023-05-04feat: template everything by defaultChris Werner Rau
2023-05-03feat: allow using index ALL for any number of helmreleasesChris Werner Rau
2023-04-27Version BumpChris Werner Rau
2023-03-08add missing dependencyChris Werner Rau
2023-02-28Version BumpChris Werner Rau
2023-02-28add support for remote KUBECONFIGChris Werner Rau
2023-02-08add package helmrelease-toolsChris Werner Rau
2023-01-19Version BumpChris Werner Rau
2022-07-13chore: update .SRCINFOChris Werner Rau
2022-07-13chore: updateChris Werner Rau
2021-08-26Update versionChris Werner Rau
2021-07-12Update versionChris Werner Rau
2021-06-02Update pinnipedChris Werner Rau
2021-06-01Update pinnipedChris Werner Rau
2021-04-06Update to new versionChris Werner Rau
2021-03-16UpdateChris Werner Rau
2021-01-18Update versionChris Werner Rau
2020-12-18Fix PKGBUILDChris Werner Rau
2020-12-18Fix PKGBUILDChris Werner Rau
2020-12-18Update versionChris Werner Rau
2020-11-26Add pinniped packageChris Werner Rau
2019-05-24Initial commitStoyan Minaev
2019-05-23Try to fix pkgbase issueStoyan Minaev
2019-05-23First release of pocketbook-pro-sdk-linux packageStoyan Minaev
2019-04-28Update 2019-04-28 15:42Murat Çileli
2019-04-28Update 2019-04-28 15:41Murat Çileli
2019-04-28Initial commitMurat Çileli
2019-04-28Update 2019-04-28 15:19Murat Çileli
2019-03-02Update 02.03.2019-11:50Murat Çileli
2019-02-25fixed both filesStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25fixed both filesStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25fixed both filesStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25fixed package() funcStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25грбаный аурStoyan Minaev