AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-06heretic1-wad-1.2-2Jan Cholasta
2015-05-21Properly convert DOS short names to long names when installing docsJan Cholasta
2015-05-21Coding style fixesJan Cholasta
2015-05-21Use sha256sums instead of md5sumsJan Cholasta
2015-05-20Add prepare() and package() functions where missingJan Cholasta
2014-02-27Ignore archive files in the top-level .gitignore.Jan Cholasta
2014-02-02Fix maintainer comments in all PKGBUILDs.Jan Cholasta
2014-01-28Include source packages in the .gitignore file.Jan Cholasta
2013-11-17Add .gitignore file.Jan Cholasta
2013-11-01Initial commit.Jan Cholasta