AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-03-11Fix building with user flags (relocate to build()); no more need for ↵Que Quotion
internal PGO method (use makepkg-optimize)
2019-03-09remove some commentsQue Quotion
2019-03-03Sometimes nano decides to put a linebreak where it word wrappedQue Quotion
2019-03-03Run through clean chroot; makedepends updates; other minor fixes--switch ↵Que Quotion
back to standard build (comment out PGO section)
2017-02-21Default path?Que Quotion
2017-02-21packaging bump (profiling); reduce .gitignoreQue Quotion
2017-02-20PGO build by defaultQue Quotion
2017-02-20missing dep. more speed.Que Quotion