AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-22Update to version 3.2.0anenasa
2019-08-16Update to version 3.1.0Hsiu-Ming Chang
2019-03-24Remove hmtimer.installHsiu-Ming Chang
2019-02-24Update to version 3.0.2Hsiu-Ming Chang
2018-08-27use hmtimer-3.0.1-src.tar.bz2Hsiu-Ming Chang
2018-08-26Update to version 3.0.1Hsiu-Ming Chang
2018-07-07Update to version 3.0.0Hsiu-Ming Chang
2018-04-24Update to version 2.6.2Hsiu-Ming Chang
2018-04-16Update to version 2.6.1Hsiu-Ming Chang
2018-04-10edit urlHsiu-Ming Chang
2018-03-04Update to version 2.6Hsiu-Ming Chang
2018-02-15Update to version 2.5Hsiu-Ming Chang
2017-07-19fix filename of Belarusian translationHsiu-Ming Chang
2017-07-18Update to version 2.4.2Hsiu-Ming Chang
2017-02-09do not show PasswordDialog when time is upHsiu-Ming Chang
2017-02-07Update to version 2.4Hsiu-Ming Chang
2016-08-09Update to version 2.3.1Hsiu-Ming Chang
2016-05-20modify directory in build()Hsiu-Ming Chang
2016-05-20modify .SRCINFOHsiu-Ming Chang
2016-05-20modify directory in build()Hsiu-Ming Chang
2016-05-20Update to version 2.3Hsiu-Ming Chang
2016-04-27Initial commitHsiu-Ming Chang