AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysFix .SRCINFO for 1.2.12Matt Rusiniak
11 daysUpdate to 1.2.12Matt Rusiniak
2023-10-13Update to 1.2.10Vilar da Camara Neto
2021-12-08Update to 1.2.9Vilar da Camara Neto
2021-08-19Update to 1.2.7Vilar da Camara Neto
2021-05-20Fix PKGBUILDVilar da Camara Neto
2021-05-20Update to 1.2.6Vilar da Camara Neto
2021-04-23Update to 1.2.5Vilar da Camara Neto
2021-03-11Update to 1.2.4Vilar da Camara Neto
2020-09-01Update to 1.2.2Vilar da Camara Neto
2020-03-03Add python-pymysql to dependency list (required by holland.lib.mysql since v1...Vilar da Camara Neto
2020-02-08Update to 1.2.1Vilar da Camara Neto
2020-02-04Update to 1.2.0Vilar da Camara Neto
2020-02-04Update to 1.2.0Vilar da Camara Neto
2020-01-21Update to 1.1.21Vilar da Camara Neto
2019-05-28Update to 1.1.15Ali Molaei
2019-04-07Update to 1.1.13Ali Molaei
2019-03-01Add man pageAli Molaei
2019-03-01Add python-configobj as dependancyAli Molaei
2019-02-24Update to 1.1.12, no man page in new releases on github? Molaei
2018-07-151.1.0 rebuild: py3 native, uses python-mysqlclientTroy Engel
2016-11-19new version 1.0.14Troy Engel
2016-02-20new upstream 1.0.12Troy Engel
2015-06-13Initial importTroy Engel