AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-10Bump pkgrelRaymond Li
2022-09-10Replace man-db depend with manRaymond Li
2021-09-30Remove mplayer depRaymond Li
2020-06-27Increment pkgrelRaymond Li
2020-06-27Fix packageRaymond Li
2020-06-27Adopt and updateRaymond Li
2020-06-27Fix broken source linkXiretza
2020-06-24changed upstream urlBarry
2020-04-10include license.txt in git repo, rather than linkingBarry
2020-04-09updated to 1.21Barry
2019-12-23update from 1.18 to 1.20Barry Smith
2019-09-28update to 1.18Barry Smith
2018-02-24Removed the wallstreet binary and libraries, since it depends on dpkgBarry Smith
2018-02-24Updated to v1.14Barry Smith
2016-04-26oups, forgot to bump .SRCINFODimitri Merejkowsky
2016-04-26Cosmetic changesDimitri Merejkowsky
2015-11-25copy from