AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-23v1.0.7 + build fixMichael Taboada
2021-01-01Update PKGBUILDMichael Taboada
2019-08-12Using MakefileMichael Taboada
2016-10-21updated version.Michael Taboada
2016-10-21Updated liense.Michael Taboada
2016-10-18Made description a little clearer.Michael Taboada
2016-10-18Updated package to be a real git package again. Now runs off master instead o...Michael Taboada
2016-10-18v1.0.4, fixes some namcap warnings.Michael Taboada
2016-10-151.0.3Michael Taboada
2016-10-151.0.2Michael Taboada
2016-10-151.0.1Michael Taboada
2016-08-26Tried to fix version problems.Storm Dragon
2016-08-15Updated pkgver() to use tags.Storm Dragon
2016-08-15Updated pkgver()Storm
2016-06-30Updated PKGBUILDStorm Dragon
2016-06-11Updated, working hopefully, pkgbuild.Storm Dragon
2016-06-11Updated, working hopefully, pkgbuild.Storm Dragon
2016-04-13Fixed new dependancies.Storm dragon
2016-03-21Initial commit.Storm dragon